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    Company Advantages

    Provide a variety of high-quality low-cost and powerful locking solutions for the cabinet.

    ZONZEN ? was established in the early?1980s. The company has passed ISO9001 international?quality system certification; ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification; GB /T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

    Extensive New Product Introduction (NPI) Experience: From Idea to Reality

    Our ODM ability provides you the access to create a new custom locking solutions for the cabinet solution that specifically suit your needs. Your design concepts and ideas can be turned into a prototype by which we can then manufacture the finished product for you. With our commitment in both design and manufacture of industrial-grade quality, ZonZen industrial locks will provide you great cabinet lock that not only looks nice, but also will perform great for years to come.

    Smart lock

    Advanced Manufacturing Systems: Advanced production equipment

    As a leading manufacturer in its business field, ZONZEN ?. owns Automated die-casting workshop, punching machine, bench drill, carving equipment, shot blasting machine, CNC lathe, laser lettering numbers, Lean production line, Quality management, etc. These advanced facilities have enabled ZONZEN ? to produce very efficiently and effectively.

    Smart lock

    Quality Management System: Advanced Testing Facilities

    Manufacturing your product is not enough -- it must be high-quality if it is to succeed in the marketplace.

    A complete set of advanced and precise production equipment and testing facilities provides a strong guarantee of high quality for the products being produced in ZONZEN.ZONZEN has advanced testing instruments, including Salt Spray Test, Endurance Test, Fire Test, Destructive Test, Gravity Test.

    Smart lock

    Custom locking for the cabinet Service

    Need customized Smart lock, Mechanical lock, Rod Lock and hinges? We've got
    your back from your Idea to delivery.

    Flexible and fast

    Customer Focused

    Value-added services